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Preferences-Research-Solutions-Logo-Lrg-2013Preferences Incorporated is a Research Solutions business that has successfully assisted clients throughout North America since 2010. We pride ourselves on helping organizations utilize powerful research techniques with our Methodology Design services.

Many organizations have the internal capacity to execute these activities, so we also provide basic research services like survey development & analysis, as well as focus groups all the way to full fledged evidence-based marketing and strategic plans. We have helped a great number of organizations develop meaningful relationships as well as streamline communication in order to strengthen their financial and human capital.

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Be noticed, build relationships, get in the black!

Our Services

Good Research comprises of many components to collect and use data to meet your goals.  If you are interested in evidence collection for corporate, legal or personal needs click here.  Transcription plays an important role in allowing you to turn interviews into data, we will empower you to interview more effectively, learn more here.  Our clients have benefitted from our philosophy and our growing team brings this value forward.

Our Philosophy
Knowledge integrity is central to what we do.  Providing high-quality non-biased research services is the top priority of Preferences. The collection of individual preferences enables your organization with the power of business intelligence. The unique techniques and technologies Preferences utilizes ensures effective, efficient and evidence-based results. This strengthens the relationship between you and your stakeholders and improves public trust. Successful data collection and strategic development are always measured by their results. Preferences will work with clients throughout the implementation process and to ensure your organization is successful.

Who We Are
Preferences is an independent, Ontario-based research company that provides evidence-based research solutions to a wide range of private and public organizations and individuals. Our research findings have aided entrepreneurs in developing sustainable business plans, helped companies improve their products and services, and assisted governments and non-profit organizations with advancing laws and policies that are in the interest of the public. We proudly serve the Niagara Region, the Greater Peterborough Area and the GTA.

Our Values
Knowledge integrity is central to the high-quality research we espouse to do. It rests upon the relationship of mutual respect, trust, and goodwill with clients and members of the public who entrust us with confidential information and personal preferences. We believe that having these data available to us is a privilege, not a right. This belief is the basis of Preferences’ commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct in research and business practice.

Our Standards
The principles and procedures detailed in the Preferences policy document are modeled on the industry standard for marketing, opinion, and social research in Canada, the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s Code of Conduct and Good Practice, and comply with federal requirements of the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. When you commission or participate in research by Preferences, you can be assured that:

Ethical Conduct
We will act respectfully, courteously, honestly, ethically, and fairly at all times and in all our dealings with clients, members of the public, and other researchers and stakeholders.

We will abide by the applicable provincial, national, and international legislation when conducting all research.

We will maintain high standards of professional competency in the design, execution, analysis, reporting, interpretation, and consulting phases of all research.

We will not, without due acknowledgment of limitations, employ research methods or present research results in a manner that would be inaccurate, biased, or misleading.

We will protect business interests of our clients and clients’ rights to confidentiality, and will take all necessary measures to prevent theft, loss, or misuse of research records.

All contact with research participants will be undertaken with their free and informed consent and with observance of their right to refuse or withdraw cooperation at any time.

We will preserve the privacy and anonymity of all research participants, and will use research data only for those purposes for which consent was received.

Public Confidence
We will never attempt to sell products, solicit money, or deliberately influence participants’ opinions under the guise of a research study.

All our researchers, employees, volunteers, and sub-contractors are informed about and obligated to uphold our standards and policies.